Do You Know the Answer?


I was wasting some time tonight visiting some of my favorite blogs. My form of relaxing I guess.

But there is one thing I have to do before I can go to bed.

Since most of you own Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak – I thought I’d have a little fun with you tonight.

What is my cardinal rule for keeping the house clean? The one thing I must do before I can go to bed, no matter how tired I am?

The first person to answer this correctly in the comments will win a lifetime subscription to RebelWithaFork.

(this contest is not open to relatives;))

6 thoughts on “Do You Know the Answer?

  1. Carole Post author

    Horray! Debbie is absolutely right. there is nothing worse than starting your day off with a dirty kitchen.

    But Carol is right too – doing a quick wipe down in the bathroom is also part of my routine.

    So I am going to award a free lifetime membership to to both of you.

    Good job guys.

  2. Scotsgal

    Congratulations to both of you! Yes, Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak is the only guide you need to clean everything in the house. One of the great things about this handy book, is that you recommend products, Carole. I know of many a cleaning disaster caused by using the wrong products!

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