Do You Deserve a Reward?

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I had an incredibly productive day yesterday.


After previously struggling with the design feature to get my business cards designed and ordered, yesterday I zipped right through the process.


I upgraded a piece of software without blowing it up.


I installed and got another plug-in working.


I went through all of the categories to the right, and reduced and reorganized them, which meant that I had to go through all of the posts – 13 pages of them.


I put up some tomato recipes for you!


I got a load of laundry done too.


You know me, it takes me forever when I’m dealing with techie stuff, so for me to finish all of that in one day was absolutely incredible. I stayed focused and on task until each one was done. And my computer cooperated, which is another miracle.


I figured I deserved a reward.


When you work at a job, if you went above and beyond and got a big project done, you expect a little recognition, or lunch, or a pat on the back, or something, right? But we don’t remember to reward ourselves for a job well done. 


So I treated myself to my favorite pizza – pepperoni & hot pepper (you were expecting veggie?)


It all felt so good that I think I’ll try to earn a reward today too.


Do you deserve a reward? Have you done a great job? Put it in the comments! (you have to be on the post page to see comment box, not the home page – click on the title). I’ll give you a pat on the back!