Do this to make Christmas Shopping Less Painful

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Christmas decoration at a shopping mall in Brazil

I know, I know, it’s not even Halloween yet – how can I be talking about Christmas Shopping?

It is our tendency to put things off that really messes up our lives.

This year, get ahead of the game – 

If you start now, you will have much of your shopping done when it comes time to enjoy the holiday festivities without so much stress.

And if you start now and buy a little at a time, you won’t have the financial stress.

Start buying stocking stuffers. Pick up little things you see while you are doing your every day shopping.

Example – Do you have a girl that uses makeup, eyeliner, lip gloss, nail polish? Pick up things as you see them.

Take advantage of layaway.

KMart, WalMart, Toy-R-Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Sears, Hallmark, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are among stores that offer lay-away.

This is especially great if you have some higher priced items on your list.

Imagine going into the holidays with most of your presents already paid for? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Don’t forget food items. When things are on sale, pick them up now. I picked up an extra bag of flour It was on sale for 99 cents!. I’ve been stocking butter in the freezer.

It’s not much effort – just a little advanced thinking.

Be one step ahead, and you’ll be free to enjoy the holidays with a lot less stress.

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