Do this for better heat

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keeping warmLast weekend was cool, windy, gloomy – and there was a chill both inside and outside the house.

Heat wars –

I turned the heat on. Bob turned the heat off. I got the litany of why the heat can’t be on yet…

  • The boys still have their windows open
  • One boy has an air conditioner in the window
  • The furnace hasn’t been cleaned or checked yet.

Yes it was checked! I turned it on and it gave heat. 😉

Bob took the covers off the vents and vacuumed them out. It’s a wonder any heat got through there at all!

I have to tell you, it was a lot warmer after that was done. And we won’t have all that dust blowing all over.

Find some time to take the covers off and vacuum out your vents. Its a simple thing that will keep your home warmer and cleaner. Try not to stick your hand in there though – there are these sharp pieces that must be there for a reason since they seem to be in every vent. Be careful!

Don’t forget to change your filter too.


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