Do these products really work?

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Whenever we embark on a new project – we finds tons of stuff jumping off the store shelves with all kinds of claims on the labels. Unfortunately, most of the time – to quote my daughter, “they lie.”

This renovation project has given me the opportunity to try a lot of different stuff.

Like the wallpaper glue remover. It didn’t work at all. Plain old water and a scrubby sponge worked better. I can’t even tell you the name brand. I threw the bottle out.

Or the QuikSand drywall sanding block –

“Outperforms sandpaper and sanding sponges” – Yes it did.

“Won’t clog.”  It didn’t clog, but it did wear away quickly. I ended up having to buy a second one – but it saved a lot of time so it was worth it.

“Creates less airborne dust” – they lie.

I need wipers on my goggles


The joint compound made the same claim – “Reduces airborne dust by 60%”  Well.. the rest of the house wasn’t coated, so maybe so.

It did sand and clean up easily. It is from ProForm, Professional Formula Lite Joint Compound. I’ll never use Spackly stuff again.

Or how about the one coat paints?

The Pittsburgh ceiling paint – big fail. Granted, there was a lot of patching, but it was all primed first. More like 3 coats.

The Pittsburgh wall paints with primer – almost.

The DutchBoy with primer – almost. Granted, it was orange.

I will say that the room will look really good, if I live through it. Eveline says she’s going to have me pick her colors from now on.

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