DIY Solar Power

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Have you noticed that there is a surge in interest in growing your own vegeatlbes, and solar energy, and windmills?

It seems that everywhere I go lately, the conversation at some point turns to these topics. I even found this weird site where the people had built a totally energy efficient home and used all natural materials –

Take a look – it opens in a different window. It’s actually pretty nice inside, isn’t it? And they use no outside power. What a dream! Would never work for where I live because it’s too cold. I would still have to rely on outside power to some extent.

So I guess the hot new term is ‘living off the grid.’

I was talking to another friend today about wanting to do some solar, and maybe even a windmill down the road. I told him about the ebook about building solar panels that I told you about a few months ago. He said he had seen something better on You Tube. The site is – (the videos are on the page) but somehow I feel like the first one is more trustworthy. Maybe ‘cuz the guy is dad-like?

What do you think? Which one should I choose?

It looks easy enough that even I could do it. Well – I mean the building part, until it came to the actual installation and wiring. But you get my point, it doesn’t look all that hard.

I really want to do this. The utility bills are never going to go down. That’s a big bunch of money every year.

I’m thinking that some handy guys could make a bunch of money building and hooking up these things for people. I wonder if that would fall under electricians? I wonder if municipalities have even stared to deal with these issues yet. I think we’re really behind in this in the U.S.

Do you know of anyone who has tried solar? Or windmills? How is it going for them?


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4 thoughts on “DIY Solar Power

  1. Liza Simpson

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  2. Alpha Redel

    It is astounding to me just how many individuals are unmindful of the energy concerns that we face. Its genuinely troubling that so many of us either imagine that there is an infinite supply of good clean energy, or think that it is someone elses probem. For others, solar alternatives, as well as many groundbreaking technologies symbolize a bright light at the end of a really dark tunnel. I admire anyone, who in either a strong or small way, takes their valued time to educate everyone about their personalized opportunities and obligations when it comes to our future, and our kids future. When we look back twenty years from now, it will almost be astounding that we were even absorbed in this debate. Our energy future is a forgone conclusion, and we all have a purpose to play in advancing us toward it.

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