Dishwashing 101

My daughter has a complaint. And it’s a valid one. She says, “People don’t know how to wash dishes.”You see, at her father’s house, they just pile stuff in the sink without rinsing and leave it for her to clean up. I myself have seen people complain about how hard it is to keep up with dishes. Washing dishes should only take a few minutes, it you do a few things first -When you’re done eating, scrape the leftover food into the garbage or garbage disposal.

Thoroughly rinse the dishes.

If you’re using your dish washer, you will skip the next few steps. I don’t care if you have one of those dishwashers that can handle washing plates full of food, If you want cleaner dishes, and your dishwasher to last longer, rinse them off first.

Place silverware and plates in the sink first, they are flat and you can place bowls and glasses on top of them.

Run hot soapy water.

You can’t fit all of the dirty dishes in the sink at one time. Run some hot soapy water in the pans to be washed.

Let dishes soak for a little while. Go take a walk or something.

When you come back – washing the dishes will be a breeze.

Let them air dry.

Put them away.

After washing the dishes, wipe down the stove before everything gets too dry and caked on. Take a few seconds and wipe down counters, range-hood, fridge and stuff like that. If you do it all of the time, it only takes a few seconds. Get in the habit of taking just a few extra minutes and your kitchen will always be clean.

You don’t have to work hard to keep your house clean – Just work smart.

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