Disappointed in me

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You might have guessed by now that I drive myself pretty hard. I have goals and they’re not going to be reached if I’m screwing around.

I’ve gotten better about making my ‘to-do’ list reasonable, and if I have it on my list – I fully expect that I will get it done.

Today, it’s probably not going to happen.

You see, the items on my ‘to-do’ list today ahve a high potential for screw up, and I just didn’t want to face the music. Yep, fear of failure.

Oh, I could bury it in a lot of excuses –

Today is my first day off since… when was I off anyway?

I got laundry, and dishes done, ate well, cleaned goose droppings (there were 32 geese in my yard this afternoon!), cleaned the beach, cleaned the closet, balanced the checkbook, spent a good hour yacking with my daughter, took a walk with a friend and hyper-dog. Yep, a productive day. But those things weren’t on my list. They were convenient distractions to keep me from doing what I didn’t want to attempt.

I did re-read the instructions. I got that far!

But, I still have to put sheets back on the beds, and I really need a shower. And at that point midnight will have passed.

And those things that didn’t get done today will be looming large in the morning. I’ve got my boots sitting here ready to give my self a good quick kick in the butt!

And if this blog isn’t here in the morning – you’ll know that I blew it up again.

Wish me luck!


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’