Dirty emails from CommonSenseLiving?

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Well, it looks like the scum is back from summer break 🙁

I don’t know why I’m a target, but here they are again. If you get emails with subject lines like “Lindsay Likes it Thicker” and other such nonsense – its not from me.

Companies hijack domain names and use them to get their emails delivered. Rest assured, they do not have access to my mailing list. They just use my domain name in the headers to make the emails look like they’re from me.

I have security on my domains that is not supposed to let them do that, but they do it. I’ve complained to the DOJ, but since these companies are usually in other countries, and they move their IPs around – they are next to impossibkle to catch up to.

I still don’t understand what makes my domain so attractive. Maybe because I’ve been online so long? I don’t know. They do this to me 2 or 3 times a year until the domain gets blacklisted, and they move on and bother someone else.

So if your security monitor shows yellow, there is nothing wrong with the site.

The worst thing is that I will have a hard time getting real emails through to customers – which really upsets me. Sometimes my emails end up in the junk folders. Sometimes they won’t be delivered at all.

If you have sent me an email, and it appears that I have not responded – always check your junk folders.

Thanks guys. I appreciate you!