Dining Room Transformation

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Dining Room Before


So we’ve come a long way in transforming the animal party room and dumping ground back into a dining room.

Here is what the dining room looked like before we started cleaning it up. Sorry it’s a bit blurry. I was just learning how to use my new phone at the time…

The room had been rented out as a bedroom to a couple of the boys friends. Then it was virtually empty and used for parties. Then it became a dumping ground. Then we added some of my furniture to the mix.

The entry to the laundry room is in the dining room, so there was always piles of laundry on the floor in the dining room. I didn’t catch that in the photo.

The curtain rod was pulled out of the wall from people hanging on it.

The walls hadn’t been painted in many years. Somewhere around 20. The walls were filled with dirt, grime, and nicotine.

People acted like animals in this house. Yelling, swearing, drinking, parties, dead bodies on all the couches every Sunday morning…

Dining Room After

Dining Room After

So here is the room currently. It is not 100% done, but it is a big improvement, wouldn’t you say?

So what did this transformation cost?

A bottle of Mr. Clean, which we had.

Joint Compound for patching which we had leftover from the bathroom project.

2 gallons of primer

1 gallon white paint

2 gallons Antique White paint

Roller covers. I lost count how many we used…

The curtains were in the clearance aisle at WallMart for $15 a pair.

The chair covers were on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.95 ea.

So around $200 and lots of elbow grease.

And people haven’t been acting like animals in the house anymore. The nicer the home becomes, the calmer it seems to get.

I figure if you don’t respect your home enough to take care of it, no one else will respect it either. I never had problems with kids wrecking my home. I was very unsure coming into this situation. I wasn’t sure my theory was going to hold true, but so far it seems to be.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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