Digital Detox Day & Spring Cleaning

It is the National Day of Unplugging. Step away from the computer. Turn off the cell phone.

Allergy starter

Allergy starter (Photo credit: gibsonsgolfer)

The stress that all of this digital convenience can really mess up your immune system. You may not realize that all this connectedness is really stressful. And it’s proven that stress kills. It lowers your immunity, raises your blood pressure, and puts you at high risk for heart disease.

Even if you eat a great healthy diet – stress can still mess you up.

And while the early taste of summer we had was awesome, it brought on early allergy suffering for many. Allergies are an immune system overreaction to certain triggers. Keep your immune system strong and you’ll reduce your allergy symptoms.

So while you’re unplugged this weekend, and it’s cooler and wet outside – you might want to do some Allergy Cleaning. Here’s the link to the post about Cleaning for Allergies and Asthma

Ok, I’m unplugging now. Have a great weekend!

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