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I was cruising through some of today’s health news. The first thingthat caught my attention was

– Another ‘oh brother’ study. You do know that you need to eat right AND get some exercise to lose weight, right?

Even the McDonalds Diet Guy knows that! His interview actually contained some really good advice.

When you visit – you’ll see a number of video news stories- including –

The man who lost 15 pounds in one month eating nothing but McDonalds

Farah is losing her battle against cancer. That is incredibly sad, isn’t it?

The restaurant reviews – Make sure to watch this one. Based on these reviews, would you want to eat in any of these restaurants? Yet they all scored above 90?

Texas moves to ban trans-fats

Then there was the ‘Diet Doctor” and how he helped Mike discover that healthy food really does taste good.

I didn’t bother with any of the other videos on this page.

I watch most of this stuff with amusement. But the sad fact is, it’s stories like these where people get their health information. When you watch stories like these, are you able to separate the good information from the bad?

If you would like to benefit from all of the research that I’ve done on the subject of healthy eating >>>

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