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Given the economy, financial stress, and the fact that its winter – cold and gray – many people are depressed. You may even be thinking about going and getting some pills to help. Take a look at this –

“According to Pharmacy Times, in 2011 the most commonly prescribed drug in the US was a TCA called amitriptyline (sold under the trade names Tryptomer, Elavil, Tryptizol, Laroxyl, Saroten, Sarotex, Lentizol, and Endep).

Amitriptyline’s side effects range from anxiety, panic attacks, chest pain, sudden numbness to one side of the body, sudden severe headache, and problems with vision, speech, or balance, to suicidal ideation, hallucinations, seizures, and bleeding from the nose, mouth, vagina, or rectum.” (my note – Would you really take this after reading those side effects?)

“Antidepressant drugs of all kinds are huge money-makers for drug companies: Antidepressants are used by 11% of Americans. Use has increased 400% over ten years. And, of those taking them, 60% report using for more than two years. Seven of the top eighteen prescribed drugs are antidepressants.”

“Black box warnings on SSRI’s warn of suicide risk for these groups; they should warn of violent behavior risk but do not. The FDA does not want to admit the evidence linking the drugs to violent behavior, including mass shootings.”

Quotes taken from A Natural, Inexpensive, Easily Accesible, Safer Treatment for Depression?

Instead, why not embark on a healthier lifestyle that will make you look and feel better all the way around? Here’s a few things you can do right away –

Eat more salads and fish

Get enough sleep

Drink enough water

Get some exercise every day

Take 2000 iu of vitamin D3 every day during the winter months

See if you don’t start feeling better, and losing weight pretty fast – without all the nasty side effects.

If you want more healthy living tips

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