Dealing with Slime


Today I have to do all kinds of work in connection with the Nick Marks episodes. The bank regulators want all kinds of info. I guess I might as well send it to the FTC while I’m at it. Save some time and headaches I suppose.

You know, he doesn’t put an address in his emails, and there’s no return address on his packages either.  What a creep. I didn’t like him when we were both starting out. Guess my first instinct was right. I haven’t gotten rich taking the high road, but at least I can sleep at night. I hope he’s happy with his ill-gotten money.

But the only way I can be certain that he won’t steal from me anymore is to cancel my debit card. Doesn’t that stink? All the things I have tied to that card.

OK, enough ranting. I’m off to do what I gotta do.

Talk to you later…


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