Its Crunch Time – Drop a Few Pounds Fast!

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Lose Weight FastOK, its seriously time for shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits.

Or will you be hiding in a moo-moo?

Its time to get serious.

Here’s a relatively painless way to drop pounds fast.

Slim Down Dinner – If you want to lose weight quickly, dinner should be 2 cups of colorful vegetables and 6 oz. of meat, poultry or fish. Its more satisfying than you think.

You can have a sauteed chicken breast with a large tossed salad, and maybe some cantaloupe.

Or a pork chop with a sweet potato and green beans.

Or a steak, salad, and steamed broccoli.

Or a grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli and carrots and pineapple.

Or chicken fajitas. We’ll make a carb exception on this one.

In general, try no minimize carbs at dinner. You can eat as many vegetables as you want.

Drink water.

Do not eat anything else after dinner.

Clean up the dishes and take a 20 – 40 minute walk.

Tone up with this –

This plan will seriously work.

The more you do this, the more weight you will lose.

Of course it helps if you eat better throughout the day as well.

And don’t drink pop of any kind. Even diet.

This is just the mini version. If you want to learn how to eat healthier without hating your life…

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