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Halloween dining roomCan you believe its almost Halloween? Are you looking for cheap ways to creep out your house?

When my daughter was young, we had some pretty good Halloween parties. I pulled out some of my old pictures to give you some ideas –

White sheets, plastic rats, spiders, bugs, and bats give your room that haunted mansion look.

White sheets aren’t cheap anymore, but you can get the same feel with white tablecloths from the dollar store.

Hang lightweight bugs and bats from your ceiling fan and turn it on! Don’t use anything heavy though as it will ruin your fans balance.

creepy halloween centerpieceHere’s a close-up of the centerpiece. Creepy!

Hanging all that spider webbing all over? That’s baby stuff. Take just a strand or two and attach across a doorway so it feels like the real thing when people walk through it. 😉

But outside is really important too. Gotta creep out all those little beggars.

motion activated halloween maskA motion detecting Grim Reaper greets your guests appropriately.

homemade mummyThis homemade mummy shows the way …

He was made of newspapers in white plastic bags, and wrapped in gauze of course!

I kept all of my dead plants for this special decorating touch.

When my daughter was very little and still too sick to go out yet, I would dress up as a witch. I went all out – ketchup dripping off my mouth, pale, pale makeup, and darkened eyes. Scared a lot of kids. Really went all out when it was teens at the door. They flipped out. I toned it down when little kids came to the door.

One year I gave out little rotten cucumbers. I wouldn’t suggest doing that anymore. You’ll probably get arrested.

I got the rats, bats, spiders and other creepy stuff at Oriental Trading.

Don't lose your headHave fun! Just don’t lose your head…

For when you don’t want your house to look creepy..

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