Crazy times

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You know, I was sort of gloating. I’m passed all of the back to school stuff.

Well…you know how the universe is really good at slapping you sometimes? Yeah.

I have been babysitting a lawyers office this week while he is out of town. My daughter’s car broke down again. I think I told you about that a few months ago, how I lost the argument that she should just get a car because this one was going to keep breaking down. But her father felt she should put in the new transmission.  Sigh.

This time the mechanic said he wouldn’t even fix it, there is so much wrong with it – and her dad is still insisting she should fix it. OMG!

So, we called the guy I bought my car from. He asked her what she wanted and how much she wanted to pay. He came back today with a really nice 2008 G6 for her at a good price. Its a nice clean looking car. She will go Sat. and drive it and all that. He takes good care of us. If you need a used car in northern Illinois, I highly recommend Global Automotive. Tavi is a great guy to work with.

My daughter is buying her first car on her own. She read the reviews, did a car fax, and checked Kelly Blue Book. She filled out her loan paperwork. She’s done a great job.

The association meeting was tonight. I got roped into sitting through that and helping to welcome a new neighbor. I didn’t get to walk tonight 🙁

Saturday, we have the big pig roast where everyone around the lake  gets together and parties. It raises money for stocking fish and weed control. I always volunteer to work at that.

I’ve been driving my daughter to work, and picking her up. That’s like an extra hour a day.

Its just been a really crazy week.

We’ve been eating very paleo this week. A chicken breast and a salad, or a chicken breast with green beans and watermelon. Thank heaven for fresh fruits and vegetables. They make life so much easier! My daughter said she’s been losing more weight. That’s good! But I need to gain weight! I ate like 3 lunches today. Don’t tell!

If I hurry up and hit the publish button, I still have time to get my housework chores done tonight.

If your kids have started school, I hope your week went as well as can be expected. I’ve seen moms transporting sport gear already. Summer just flies by, doesn’t it?

If you live in an area where they still don’t go back until after Labor Day – enjoy it! And plan ahead as much as you can. Get everyone back on a good sleep schedule.

And don’t forget that you have access to hundreds of fast recipes to save you!

(And I just got a new LTD catalog – Christmas will be here before you know it. Yikes!)

Have a great weekend! Make it a point to enjoy every drop of beautiful weather. It won’t last much longer …


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