Crazy Stuff

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Just a post about random crazy stuff happening…

My niece posted that she has pneumonia and was looking for natural solutions. My first question would be, how does she know she has pneumonia without doing to a doctor. But that is besides the point.

Anyway, people think I’m crazy when it comes to natural solutions. But I gave her possible solutions anyway. The biggest one is raw garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic.

Funny thing is, I needed this solution myself just a day later.

I was so sick last night. I had the chills so bad that I was wearing a long sleeved T, a fleece top, and a hoodie over that- and I still couldn’t get warm. And I had a bad sore throat. And I had a cough that us old timers refer to as croupy.

I ate one clove of raw garlic with dinner. I quickly started to feel better. I actually got hot. I ate another clove before bed. When I got up, I felt better – not great. I ate another clove of garlic with breakfast and made it through the day pretty well.

I started to feel worse after being in and out giving away treats. I ate some more garlic. Now I need to go to bed – and I will shortly.

Crazy Weather!

Ok, weekend before last it was 80 degrees. I had mentioned that I probably should think about getting winter clothes out soon. My friend says, did you see the forecast for this week?


80 one weekend and snow the next. That’s crazy!

We didn’t have as many trick or treaters this year. Maybe because you had to wear a winter coat? Or because its Tuesday? Or a little of both?

Holy Smokes!

So, I’m driving down the street and I see smoke billowing from this house. I’m looking to see if they were maybe burning leaves, but the smoke seemed to billow from the house itself.

There were a lot of cars in the driveway, so it seemed someone would know if the house was on fire. I turned around and went back.

It was a fog machine! UGH!

Crazy News Sites

So I’m going through my emails and I see –

Lisa Wade, the author of “American Hookup” and a sociology professor at Occidental in Los Angeles, wrote in a recent essay that “masculinity itself” may need to be undermined if feminists are to “finish the gender revolution.

Personally, I like men to be men. But I guess I’m just crazy.

And then…

Congressmen wielding knives?

According to an article about an interview Boehner did on Politico – fellow Republican Rep. Don Young once pinned Boehner against a wall and held a knife to his throat during a debate about earmarks that went awry?

Really, it’s not as if Young hadn’t pulled out the knives before. The Hill reported the Alaska Republican had actually yanked out a blade on the House floor in 1988 when a fellow lawmaker dared to bring up a bill that would’ve cut into his state’s logging profits.

Anyone else would’ve been in jail.

But apparently, what happens in Congress, stays in Congress. Except now — except now that Boehner’s gone unchained.


Know what’s even crazier?

Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away. You know what that means?

You can get your Thanksgiving Planner today!

Oh, and how’s the house looking? Click here if you are finally ready to get your house in order once and for all …

OK, that’s it for me. I really do need to get to bed!

Have a good night, day, week, 🙂