Craving Green Peppers and Onions?

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Chicken FajitasEver since Cinco de Mayo, I have been craving fajita vegetables. I can’t walk past a bin of green peppers without buying one. No one else here eats them, so I only need one.

Its really just grilled peppers and onions with a twist. You can use them on burgers, or brats, or make fajitas, or just eat them. They are so good! A great idea for your next barbecue.


No, I’m too old to be pregnant…


All I do is follow the fajita recipe and omit the chicken if I just want the vegetables.


Marinated VegetablesAnother favorite around here has been the Marinated Vegetable Salad


4 cups mixed vegetables


2/3 cup olive oil


1/3 cup white wine


1/4 cup white wine vinegar


1/2 cup chopped onions


3 garlic cloves — minced


1/4 teaspoon basil


1/4 teaspoon chili powder


black pepper — to taste


* You will need a total of 4 cups fresh vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces. Some good choices are: green beans, broccoli flowerettes, cauliflower, red and green bell peppers, whole baby carrots, zucchini and hearts of celery. If you want to add cucumber, wait until the salad has cooled.


Combine all ingredients in a large, heavy pot.


Add about 1 inch of water. Cover tightly and cook over medium heat until vegetables are just tender but still crisp. This will take 10-12 minutes at most. Keep a watch near the end. I’ve cooked away all the water and burned the vegetables more than once 😉


Remove from heat, remove cover, and let vegetables cool in the pot.


When cool, transfer to serving dish.


Cover; chill to allow flavors to blend. Bring back to room temperature to serve.


Oh – Oh – Then there’s broccoli salad. I haven’t had that in a while! My daughter was given a recipe that I have to say its better and easier than my old one…

Broccoli SaladBroccoli Salad


2 bunches (heads) broccoli, cut into bite sized pieces


¼ cup Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits


¼ cup purple onion, diced


¼ cup raisins


Poppy Seed Dressing to taste


Throw the first 4 ingredients into a large bowl. Pour on just enough dressing to moisten. It should not be soupy. Mix well. Chill.


Serves 3-4 at our house. We like our vegetables.


Notes –


This needs to be chilled for a couple of hours for flavors to blend.


I cut the florets into small pieces. Yes, it’s a pain, but everyone loves it this ways instead of big hunks of broccoli. More people will eat it, and love it this way.


For parties, this recipe doubles or triples well.


I’ve had this salad hold OK for a couple of days in the fridge, but the dressing breaks down and gets soupy. For best results, eat within a day.

Need more great salad ideas?


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