Congressional Performance Review

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Dear Members of Congress,

We the people are your employers. It is your job to look out for our best interest.

Somehow you have forgotten that.

We the people are not happy with rationed health care.

We the people are not happy with facing jail sentences if we cannot afford health insurance. But on the other hand, at least we’ll have food and shelter.

We the people are sick to death of your antics.

We the people are giving you a poor performace review, and unless your performance improves, you can consider yourself unemployed – just like the rest of us.

And we mean every last one of you – across all party lines.

It’s time to totally clean house.

We’re done.


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3 thoughts on “Congressional Performance Review

  1. Help For Getting Out of Debt

    The hidden threat in all of this is that as people struggle to repay borrowings the resultant effect of all of this then emerges as cashflow tightens up with no available cash being spent and more hoarded…and so on. The end result if Central Bankers don’t get it right is the complete collapse of the financial cycle.

  2. Carole Post author

    That is a good point. People aren’t spending, and businesses are hurting.

    But somehow, people had money for iphones…

    I believe we had to go through a readjustment period. The economy was not sustainable with housing and wages so high, and people spending so much money they didn’t have. It was just crazy!

    Now, will people learn from it?

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