Conflicting and confusing covid info


I’m feeling a little frustrated.

So, I told you that I tested negative for covid at home, twice. The Dr. made me go in for a test, which was positive. After my 5 days, I did an at home test and was still positive.

There are a number of issues here.

  1. I talked to 5 more people who tested negative. 2 went on to test positive. The other 3 just assumed they didn’t have covid. Must be flu. How many people are walking around thinking they don’t have covid when they probably do?
  2. They say I can test positive for weeks. So, am I really not contagious?
  3. Jimmy Kimmel was out with covid again, within weeks of his last bout. Was he really reinfected, or still testing positive from the last bout?

I started to wonder if vaccination really mattered. I was assured by a paramedic that the bad cases are people who are not vaccinated.

So it seems that it is no longer a question of if you will get it, but when, how bad, and how often.

I was pretty sick for a couple of weeks. I don’t want to get it again. But now it seems that any hope of immunity is just a pipe dream.

I miss going out to eat. I have avoided it for the most part. Even so, I got infected hanging with a friend who didn’t know she had been exposed. And she remained asymptomatic. She did isolate once she found out, but the damage was done.

Then 2 weeks later – I got it again! I assume I got it at an event we went to, even though it was outdoors. But who knows? This time even worse. I was down for another 10 days. I was so weak, and I still haven’t gotten my strength back.

One thing I can tell you is that use it or lose it is real.

I’m so frustrated!

At least the house is clean. I know that sounds crazy, but a dirty house makes you feel even worse.

I’ve been forcing myself to get out and walk. And I’m trying really hard to get back into the swing of things.

I went 2 years without getting covid. Hopefully I can be done with it. It just really stinks that you have to question your risk tolerance every time you are invited to do something. I hope they can come up with some better solutions fast.



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