Common Sense Wake-Up Call!

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Were you alive in 1970?

How many obese people did you know?

Pretty much the fat lady at the circus, and Mama Cass, right? You were hard pressed to find any clothing larger than a size 16.

How many people had diabetes?

It was old age diabetes back then.

Did you know anyone with cancer?

Did people in their 30s or 40s have high blood pressure?

It wasn’t until people started eating all this garbage chemically filled fake food that all these problems started.

Now, you can’t buy a piece of regular chicken without getting some sort of chemicals. Even if you buy hormone and anti-biotic free, they’ve still been fed pesticide resistant feed.

And your government – the people elected to serve and protect you want to make it so that the only food available to you will come from commercial farms.

Where do most of the problems come from?

Commercial farms.

Have you seen any of the videos? I think it’s a crime to let anyone eat food that comes from these conditions.

Yet, your government says that this is the best way to make food safe.

All they see is the ability to make more food faster and cheaper. But what is the true cost?




Heart Disease




All of these are skyrocketing – and it no longer just affects the elderly.

What can you do?

First – hop over right now and take action to let your Senators know that you are against this.

Second – Stop Feeding Your Family This Crap!

This is a public service message from Rebel With a Fork.

Pass it on

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