Coming Clean – (personal)

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So, it’s been pretty quiet…what’s been going on with Carole?


I went to the Woman’s Health Expo last week, expecting to be able to come back here and brag again this year. And for the most part, I can.


Cholesterol 155 (under 200 is good)

Glucose 90 (under 110 is good)

HDL -good cholesterol – 61 – (over 40 is good)


These readings were without fasting.


But I did get some bad news. The unrelenting stress is taking it’s toll. My blood pressure was 185/99.


I didn’t want to tell you about that because I don’t want you to think that even if you eat healthy and get some exercise and enough sleep like I tell you in Live Your Life By Design, you’re still gonna die anyway. (if you don’t have a copy, scroll up and fill in your name and email in the subscribe box and it will be sent right out to you. You won’t be subscribed twice if you’re already a subscriber.)


This is stress induced, and I still smoke. The only thing that has kept me from having problems up to this point is the fact that I eat right, get some exercise, and try to get enough sleep.


Interestingly, this allows me to be a case study. I’m working on trying to correct this situation naturally, and we’ll all be able to see if it works.


So, you’re asking – what led up to this?


A number of things. I really had a bad episode the last week of September. The weather had gotten cold already, and I have this dog…. Now I can look forward to walking this dog for 8 months of winter. I really need to move south. Sounds petty, but it effects me, and we have to understand our own triggers.


SaneSuperWomanClub flopped. There, I said it. There were a handful of people who loved it, but I would sit at night and see 30, 40, 50 people on the site, and not one sign up. And honestly, once you own Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak, there’s really not a heck of a lot more you can say about house cleaning. Most of you already own it, and the topic is really boring to write about. I can’t come up with much new to say. Once you have the system, you don’t need anything else.


So, I took the things that people liked about that site, and created a new site that will serve you better in your quest for conquering healthy eating – without all the other clutter. Early reviews have been enthusiastic. Copywriting coach Andy O’Bryan’s first reaction was “This is really cool!” My sister said, “I LOVE IT!” So I’m rolling it out to see how you like it. It’s called Rebel With a Fork. (the link will open in a new window so you can finish this article)


Now that I understand the 2 different types of people, I do have plans for changing the model of SaneSuperWomanClub.


So, during that fateful week, I was struggling with the new site. I could not get one of the main pieces of software to work right. I couldn’t get any support. I wasn’t getting as much exercise because it’s already cold, and what little summer we had was filled with car problems that cost me lots of money. Plus I’ve recently learned that cold weather does raise your blood pressure. My job isn’t going well…


I had a pretty bad meltdown. I wondered if I was going to have a heart attack that day – that’s how bad it felt. And I haven’t been the same since. It’s like it flipped a switch in my body. But I didn’t tell anyone, I kept it all hidden. I didn’t want to burden anyone, especially since it seems everyone else around me is dealing with problems. They didn’t need mine too.


I have 3 professionals on this street who have been out of work over a year, a couple of others who are constantly in fear of losing their jobs, a couple others who are struggling with their businesses. I mean it’s crazy.


For me, even walking the dog is stressful. It’s too cold for my liking, and he’s a pain in the rear. Driving the car is stressful – I don’t feel safe and secure, always afraid of another breakdown. How do I diminish the stress in my life? I don’t know yet.


I had one of my students from Whole Life Overhaul write and ask me how my life is now after starting the Whole Life Overhaul course. What was I going to tell here? Well gee, at the moment I’m having a nervous breakdown and I’m 2 heartbeats away from having a stroke?


When I got the news about my blood pressure – I was freaked out, but not surprised.


So, the next order of business is finding a way for all of us to deal with this stress overload. I’m working on it and the new site will be much more focused on dealing with health issues. But if you haven’t taken the first steps outlined in Live Your Life by Design, you need to do that in the meantime. Get going on your healthy diet changes. That is really, really important. I would seriously be dead now if it weren’t for that. It’s been a year since Mary died. It’s no joking matter.


Take Care of Yourself. I really mean that!

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  1. Kim

    Can you contact me privatly…I have some very important things to ask you that would help me sooo very much with my life, and you just may be the person to answer it in just seconds! I am under terrible stress myself and need help right away.

    Thank you

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