Cleaning Virus

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I really had every intention of not doing much today. The wind was blowing pretty hard, so it didn’t feel all that warm. Just get those plants in the ground and putter around. That was the plan.

But when I went downstairs, the new bookcases were patiently waiting for me. Real bookcases without a cardboard back! And I got ’em for free. But they needed cleaning before getting them moved to their new home.

But when I went up stairs to get the Murphy’s, I figured I should do a quick swipe on the kitchen cabinets, since I had the bucket out anyway…

Then I cleaned the new bookcases.

Then moved the books out of the old white build ’em yourself bookcases (with the cardboard back) that we’ve had since my daughter was little, and moved them out of the way.

Then moved the new bookcases into place and filled them. Well, not actually. They’re bigger than the old bookcases. So I went upstairs and got the Stephen King collection and brought it down. Now the bookcase upstairs is practically empty, but I can’t think anymore.

But then I noticed that the pub table hasn’t really been cleaned in a long time, and since I have the bucket out… and so it went.

So then I notice that the animals are finally starting to shed. The good news – that means winter is officially over. The bad news, spending an hour a day brushing them and vacuuming for the next few days.

My neighbor has been talking about having a garage sale, so I’ve been mentally marking stuff in my head. I have stuff that I’ve kept for notalgic reasons, but I think I’m ready to let go of more of it. Gotta call my sister.

So, that’s how I spend a day doing ‘nothing’.

It’s a sickness, wouldn’t you say?

Well, at least I didn’t go to the store, and I didn’t do much in the way of work. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

Boy, the weather better get warm soon …

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