Cleaning Lots of Glass

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I did a cottage opening for my sister today. I wouldn’t mind living in this one let me tell you. (My sister doesn’t want me using actual pictures of people’s homes. You can understand that, right?) So the job is to clean the windows we can reach, inside and out. 

lakefront cottageFacing the lake there are 2 walls of patio doors. One on the main floor, and one on the lower level. The main floor set has a glass peak above it. Kind of on this order, but imagine all of the windows are patio doors… (and there is a deck so reaching the windows is easier.)

Then there’s windows down 2 sides of the house. The 4th side of the house is the garage. Whew!

Then there’s the glass shower doors. Big ones.

Then there’s 6 mirrored closet doors.

I don’t want to see a piece of glass that needs to be cleaned for a long, long time.

Oh, and while I was doing the window above the wood pile, I knocked a log off and it landed on my ankle. I have nice jagged rips on top of my foot. Pretty…sore foot

How to clean that many windows faster-

In order to try and make things go faster, I made a bucket with a gallon of warm water, a cup of vinegar, and a few drops of Dawn. I washed the windows down with a rag and dried them up with paper towels.

I used the same technique with the shower doors and mirrors.

Many times you can’t see streaks until you are at a different angle, or the sun has come around. Later, if I did notice streaks, I touched them up with glass cleaner an a paper towel.

And then its time for the regular cleaning – cobwebs, bugs, dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms and kitchen, and wash floors. That part was fairly easy, but I was already tired.

Its too much to tackle in one day. But that’s the way people approach housecleaning, and then they get frustrated when they can’t finish it all.

Thankfully, you don’t have to work that hard. Its a lot easier when you actually live in the house and you can do one task a night like we do with our Clean Freak System. Its a whole lotta work when you do it in one fell swoop!

I prefer the easy way. How about you?

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