Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

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Cleaning glass shower doors is one of the most frustrating jobs! Nothing works.

I have tried what feels like a million things, including those recipes that get passed around on Facebook. Don’t do the WD 40 one. Its horrible to get off, and didn’t clean the water spots. The vinegar and Dawn one didn’t work either, and it was a royal pain to rinse…

I was getting the best results by using either scrubbing Bubbles or Lysol bath cleaner and a magic eraser. Rinse that off and then go over with RainX glass treatment. And it still wasn’t perfect.

One of my sister’s customers is environmentally conscious. She had gotten BioKleen bath cleaner.

I’m pretty jaded when it comes to natural cleaners. Most don’t work worth a darn. I wasn’t expecting this to be any different. Boy, was I blown away! This stuff works great!

One mistake I made was using too much. That made it hard to rinse. You have to use a lot less of this stuff.

So I blew through that bottle and asked her to get some more. She couldn’t remember where she got it. She did get the all purpose cleaner, which didn’t work as well on the water spots, but still better than what I had been doing

I’ve been watching Amazon. I figured it would show up eventually – and it did!

Now, if we can get the couple of customers who have glass doors and well water to buy it… Those doors are nightmares! That would make my life so much easier!

(Disclosure – if you buy from the link above, I will earn something like 30 cents. Hey, every little bit helps keep this site going.)

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