Clean Houses Make Better Employees?

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So a hot topic today on the Web is companies paying for house cleaning for their employees. They find that removing that burden from their employees makes for a more productive workforce.

They found that coming home to housework increases stress and burnout. Imagine that!

I think it was Stanford that was calling it life-work integration. The impression I got there was that they are doing it so employees can spend more time working.  Some companies tech companies are offering fresh dinner delivery. Maybe they can find a way to pay someone to sleep for you too?

I was reading a thread on a tech forum this morning where they were discussing whether it is worth it to hire someone to clean the house. The rates they had been quoted ranged from $70, to $120.

One gentleman said that both he and his wife work 40-50 hours a week, have 3 kids and 2 dogs, and a pretty big house. I think they need the help- don’t you?

The fact is that financially – hiring someone to clean your house, let alone hiring someone to clean your employees houses is not realistic. Heck, many companies these days require you to clean your own area at work.

But it is interesting that people are starting to take note of how stressful undone house cleaning is. I’ve been saying that for years, haven’t I? It’s just not very relaxing to come home to an unkempt house. And the first thing we want to do when we get home is relax.

Another case in point – If you have to clear the dirty dishes off the counter before you can even start cooking – you’re less likely to want to bother, right?

It just affects you in so many ways. Did you ever notice that there is more stress and bickering in messy homes? Think about it. I know it drives me crazy.

Does it make you a better employee? I suppose if your stress levels are reduced it can make you more productive at work. I know for some people, work is the escape from a chaotic and stress filled home.

But if home clean, calm and relaxing and gives you a place where you can rejuvenate, of course your work is going to benefit.

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