Christmas Shopping Tip

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Heading out to do some Christmas shopping?

Are you racking your brain trying to come up with perfect gifts?

Think about conversations that you’ve had lately. What have they complained about? What problem are they having?

I would give you more concrete examples, but since the recipients read the blog, they would know who they are right away.

OK, OK-  take me for example. I am always cold. Super warm stuff is great for me. I have trouble getting up in the morning. A really loud alarm clock, or maybe one of those sunrise simuulator clocks would be great.

I try to eat as healthy as I can afford. One year someone gave me coconut oil. It’s great stuff! I love it. Pure maple syrup, jams, coffees are all appreciated. So is Godiva chocolate.

If someone says over and over that they would love to do something, but they can’t afford the gas – buy them a gas card. If it’s someone who can’t afford to get out much, a restaurant certificate or tickets to a show might be a good idea. I gave all the adults on my list certificates from one year. They were a big hit.

Did all their ornaments get ruined?

Do their pajamas look like they’re 20 years old?

Could they use new towels?

Are their garden tools all rusted?

Have they mentioned that that plant over there really needs a new pot?

Have they complained about dry hands or feet?

The point is, if you know someone pretty well and you can’t come up with an idea – you haven’t been listening!

Good luck! I’m off to do some serious thinking. I came up with a great gift for one sister, but I’ve got to charge up my thinking cap for the rest of the list…

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  1. Dan

    My watch doesn’t keep accurate time anymore but I’ve heard those Patek Philippe watches keep good time.

    Does that help you pick my present???

  2. sugru

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