Christmas of discontent

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candlelit Christmas tree

There is something different going on this year.

Black Friday Sales were down. I haven’t seen a report on Cyber Monday yet. Many people attribute that to the fact that stores were open on Thanksgiving, that Christmas sales start earlier, and last into Christmas. It goes on forever now, doesn’t it? It’s not special anymore.

I know in my family and circle of friends, that people are tired of the whole spend a fortune on gifts practice. We all have enough stuff. We want to get rid of stuff, not get more.

Stuff doesn’t hold us the way it used to. There is so much – its not special anymore.

But when we were sitting down to our Thanksgiving Dinner – there was a beautiful sunset over the lake. It was coral, and purple, and gold. Everyone stopped to look. The young adults ran out to take pictures to try and capture it – because it was special.

I think we are yearning for getting back to the things that really take our breath away. Things that make us smile, or make us feel love.

Why are pictures of dogs, cats, nature and babies so popular? They make us feel.

Instead of looking at the Christmas tree and noticing only the thousands of dollars of presents underneath – we want to see and feel the magic of the Christmas tree.

I find that when I look at the sale papers, I’m bored. Its just not inspiring anymore. The gift card craze makes sense. No one can buy me a sweater or jeans that fit perfectly. Only I can buy that.

My daughter is very hard to buy for. Easier now that she is setting up house…I got her the 2 in 1 coffeemaker for her birthday. Now she can make her single cups in the morning, and she still can make a pot of coffee on weekends or when company comes over. And she can use her own coffee instead of spending a fortune on the cups that don’t even make a full cup of coffee. She can buy Starbucks coffee and still be saving a lot of money.  She says it is awesome!

Now I have no clue what to get her for Christmas 🙁

One side of my family has opted for no gifts. We will still get together and share good food and good company – the real gifts of the season.

Remember how much fun it used to be to get lots of Christmas cards and hang them up? Not many people send cards anymore…

Maybe its just age.

My daughter is celebrating her first Christmas as an adult living on her own. She is having great fun buying ornaments and presents. For her it is new and special.

Or maybe its that we have strayed so far from what the season is supposed to be about, we’ve forgotten how we should feel.

English: Angels lit up at night over the Chris...

How do you celebrate with angels?

How do you feel the power and the magic of it all?

And how do we get  back to the place where our gifts are born of love instead of obligatory spending?

How can we spend hundreds on needless gifts when people in our neighborhoods are hungry?

Wikipedia is doing their annual fundraiser. They state that if everyone gave just $3, the fundraiser would be over in an hour.

If we all tithed like we are supposed to, there would be no hunger. God says that if we do, our warehouses would be overflowing. But we don’t believe him. Isn’t that a sad statement?

Maybe if the malls are emptier, the churches will be fuller? I think a lot of people are searching for something this year.

I have lots of questions this Christmas season, and not many answers.

How about you? Are you going through Christmas discontent?