Christmas? I’m not ready for Thanksgiving yet!

Santa is hitting our mall this weekend. I’m sorry Santa. We love you and all, but you really need to stay home and rest until Black Friday.

I’m still working on Thanksgiving…

I’m still working on the ceiling.  My friend Eveline came over and helped me last weekend. We got the patching and sanding done, and a coat of primer on. Of course once you get the primer on, you can plainly see what you need to readdress. I have quite a bit of sanding to do tomorrow. Eveline said she would help again, thank God. That turned out to be a big project for a working girl.

The window trim is going to be installed tomorrow too. Yeah, they haven’t finished that yet either. It will be a circus here tomorrow. Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks away!

This isn’t the first time I’ve been redecorating right up to the end. I remember one year we finished the wood floors 2 days before Thanksgiving. I often bite off more than I can chew…

For those of you with more sanity than me who want to glide into Thanksgiving – the Thanksgiving planner is up again for you – just look in the upper right hand corner. It’s an instant download – click and its there!

I’ve already been stocking up on some stuff when I see it on sale. There are a lot of cranberry sales this week – I have to get those! Love ’em – and they are so good for you.

I wonder if I can get any more pumpkins anywhere… I’ve only done 3 so far. That’s not going to last!

Focus… I have to finish the painting.

I’d better get some rest so I’m ready for a sanding marathon in the morning.Thank heaven we get an extra hour this weekend!

Don’t forget to grab the Thanksgiving planner – and don’t forget to set your clock back.


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3 thoughts on “Christmas? I’m not ready for Thanksgiving yet!

  1. Carol

    Carole – we have rental property, and we have never had tenants who took such good care of the property. I hope your landlord gives you a break on your rent for doing all the “dirty” work.

    You will always be my hero.


  2. Carole Post author

    I’ve always decorated no matter where I’ve lived. It is my home – the place where I come home to everyday.

    But there is a little more to this story. Eveline is also my landlord. She’s been here helping. They take care of the lawn. And they let me stay even when I couldn’t afford to pay the rent.
    Carole´s last blog post ..How to Fix the Ecomony

  3. Carol

    Kudos to Eveline.

    BTW, I’ve just started promoting your new book, Perfect Fit Decorating. It should be a great success, just like Secrets of a Clean Freak.

    And speaking of Thanksgiving, I will always remember you were the one to teach me how to cook a perfect turkey – everytime.


  4. Sure Fit Inc.

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