Christmas Caroling for money?

There are all sorts of ingenious ways to make extra money. Remember when things like dog walking and Christmas decorating sounded foolish?

Did you ever think of being a professional Christmas Caroler?

Me either. But I can’t sing. Well, I think people might pay me to stop singing! That’s an idea….

These people have perfected it –

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1 thought on “Christmas Caroling for money?

  1. Dan

    Years ago when I was a young teen we used to go out and sing Christmas carols to collect money for the Christmas childrens fund. It was sponsered through the church’s youth group. I participated all through junior and senior High School. When I was in my early 20s we had a son who needed special care in the Philadelphia Childrens hospital. The same organization I used to carol for payed for all my sons medical bills. (I still get tears in my eyes thinking about it)

  2. sugru

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