Chicago is rescheduled this weekend

Chicago and Milwaukee are prepping for a big weekend!

They even changed the time of the bridal expo so it won’t interfere with the game. Can you believe it?

And it wouldn’t be January without the arctic deep freeze. Its supposed to fall to -10 F, with wind chills of -30 tonight. Brrrr. Its still 11, so I’m not buying it. We’re not going to hit 20 all weekend.

Hate to be hitting that ground! That’s going to be a painful game.

For everyone who is smart enough to stay indoors, its a great weekend for big pots of chili. Those people with the tailgate parties have to be out of their mind!

I won’t even be able to watch the game. I’ll be working at the spa. Maybe I’ll be able to catch the tail end…

I swear, there hasn’t been this much excitement in this town since the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Whatever you do this weekend, stay safe and warm!

7 thoughts on “Chicago is rescheduled this weekend

  1. kari

    Of course YOU have to work at the Spa this Sunday! YOU always get to work the holidays, the weekends, or the days when something big is going on… they wouldnt have it any other way! Hope you get to see the Bears beat the Packers even if it IS the very tail end of the game. Take care and GO BEARS!

  2. Carole

    Hi Kari – I know it seems like that sometimes.

    And what happened to the video? Who is Julia Meyer? And why would she pull this video on a big Bears weekend? Guess she’s not a Bears fan.

    People are a trip sometimes, aren’t they?

  3. kari

    Who the heck IS this Julia Meyer? Don’t worry, we will find the video! It’s out there somewhere and she can’t touch it…! I’m up early (as usual) and thinking, “we better hit church again this morning and do some major prayers for our bears today!”
    Hey, maybe you can turn one of the radios on am 780 to get play by plays and score updates… or else, you can watch in on the computer at work between clients.. well, better not suggest anything that might get you in trouble.. sorry. telephone 0 yeah, that’s it.. we can call you with quaterly updates! Let’s see, 1st quarter, Bears up 7-0, second quarter, Bears up 14-0, third quarter Bears 14- bad guys 8, Fourth and final Bears 21-pack 17. There ya over..

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