To Chemo or Not to Chemo?

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I’ve been busy doing a lot of research on alternative treatments for cancer.

Were you hoping I would be brave enough to try them? I was.

Steve Jobs gambled and lost. Suzanne Somers was not totally cured by natural methods. She had surgery and radiation first.

I went to a natural healing support group meeting last week. Everyone there had already been through surgery and chemo.

I looked into many of the most touted alternative treatments. Many of them require a raw diet of vegetables. No sugar, which means no fruit or pasta or bread, or a lot of stuff.

The oncologist wants me on a high protein diet. I still can’t eat a lot of greens until my colon heals more.

Another popular treatment requires freshly made green juices once an hour for a total of 13 juices a day, and 5 coffee enemas a day.

I watched a few videos on YouTube where this young guy really did try. It wasn’t working for him, and it really is a full time commitment. He has a wife, a child, and a full time job.

Let’s be real – I can’t do it.

I am drinking Essiac tea and eating parsley. Will it help? I don’t know.

I’ve also researched Cannabis oil.

Funny thing, this was in my email tonight –

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I still don’t have the whole picture about my condition. I had my PET scan last week. The MRI on my liver has not been approved by the insurance company. I see the oncologist on Monday. So I still don’t have enough information to make any real decisions.

Will I have surgery? If so, how long is recovery?

What kind of chemo will they recommend? How sick would I be?

Will I be able to work? I mean, right now I am feeling pretty good. My abdomen and wrist are both a little sore and I can’t lift anything heavy. But I don’t feel ‘sick’.

Will I need to be on disability?

There are so many questions still unanswered… to be continued…

is any of this interesting or helpful to you? I know for me, it is hard to find anyone really talking about what they are going through. I would find it helpful. Do you?

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4 thoughts on “To Chemo or Not to Chemo?

  1. inhome care

    I think I’d go to “Not to Chemo”. Chemo destroys your immune system. That’s all I know. It’s likely 50-70% chance on surviving it.

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