Change your focus and you’ll lose the weight

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You know, all this focusing on dieting is really frustrating, isn’t it? Its all so negative.


How can you make losing weight a more positive experience?


Change your focus.


Start eating for better looking skin.


Start eating for heart health.


Start eating for more energy, more sexual stamina, to eat more natural foods without chemicals, to improve immunity, to spend more quality time with your family, or (fill in the blank…..)


Maybe you want to become a better cook or eat better tasting foods, or become a little more adventurous.


If you know my story, I started a healthier eating program because my daughter was sick all of the time. I was constantly getting calls from the nurse’s office. We were constantly going to the doctor, and getting meds. I was missing work. She was missing school. I was at my wits end.


Then we went for 2 years without a trip to the doctor, and then it was only for a school physical.


The side benefit was losing weight. That was not the intent. It just happened as a result of eating healthier.


If the goal of losing weight hasn’t motivated you, find another goal that will.


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