Caught without a dinner plan

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Omelet Pomodoro

Omelet Pomodoro (Photo credit: diettogo1)

Yes, it even happens to me from time to time – nothing planned for dinner.

Most people will start thinking about what they can go pick up. Not me. Its too cold! I’m not going out there!

Well, you could have something delivered… Na – costs too much.

It was time to get creative.

I have french bread, tuna, cheese, eggs, spinach, tomato, green pepper. I could make a tuna sub, and maybe I will tomorrow.

Tonight, I took a small hunk of hot Italian sausage, only an inch. I broke it up and cooked it. I then whipped up some eggs and made an omelet with the sausage mixed in. When it came time to fold it over, I put in some cheese. I put it on warm French bread and had a salad on the side.

Pretty good! I should have taken a picture. But the picture I shared looks pretty healthy, doesn’t it?

What kind of ideas can you come up with?

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