Cats & Christmas Trees

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My neighbor came over all frustrated yesterday. She had found some tinsel in her Christmas stuff and decided to put it on the tree.  Tinsel is a time consuming operation. She was ready to shoot herself when the worst happened – the cat discovered the shiny tinsel.

It reminded me of my Siamese cat. Everynight when I came home from work, I had to redo the bottom 2 layers of the tree. They were completely stripped.

My current cat chews on ribbons and strings. Any ornament on a ribbon or string is not safe. Packages under the tree cannot have any sort of ribbon bows.

I’ve never had a cat that climbed the tree, but I’ve heard stories….

Do you have any good cat in the Christmas tree stories?

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8 thoughts on “Cats & Christmas Trees

  1. Dan

    No good cat In the Christmas tree story, our cat Dumpster just like to sit under the branches among the presents. I guess she thinks she is a present to us or maybe she is just pretending she is a fierce beast waiting for prey?

    I hope your friend isn’t using tinsel. It can destroy a cats (or dogs) stomach.

  2. Carole Post author

    I didn’t even think about it being bad for their stomachs.

    The cat in the presents would make an adorable picture. Don’t all cats think they’re gifts from God?

  3. Dan

    I don’t know if they think they are a gift from God but they sure act it. They can sure get the vengeance part down.

  4. Debbie

    A lady at work gave me two of the “felt” ornaments for my tree one year. One was a Santa and the other was a Snowman. I had just gotten a new bobtail kitten and she would take that Snowman off the tree every chance she could and tote it in her mouth. She would jump in the tree no matter how high I rehung it each time I took it away from her and snatch it off the tree again and again. I finally gave up and she toted it around for months until all of the stuffing fell out.

  5. Beth Earle

    I don’t have any great cat Christmas stories to share. My cats knock things off the bottom branches, and we don’t use tinsel with them around.

    My reason for commenting is to remind all pet owners to take precautions for the safety of their beloved animals.

    Don’t leave chocolates & others foods out, don’t forget when you have things in the stove & oven, practice candle safety,etc.

    Do make sure to give your pets lots of love, affection, & attention even though you are super busy this time of year. They thrive on that just like you do!

  6. Carole Post author

    Those are good reminders Beth! Things like holiday plants can be dangerous to pets who like to chew on them.

    My neighbor had another fun episode. She was baking cookies and left the trays on the counter to cool before frosting. When she wasn’t looking, wouldn’t you know – the cat had gotten one of the cookies and was batting it around.

    Hey Beth – I love your new profile picture!

  7. Beth Earle

    Forgot to mention plants. Some are poisonous to pets, others still make their stomachs upset.

    Thanks for letting me know you like my new profile picture Carole. It was taken at the LEAP event Kendall Summerhawk put on in Tucson last June. Everyone loved my purple jacket. Haven’t had an opportunity to wear it since. My husband & son even complimented me on it. That shade of purple must be “my color.” 😉

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