Catalogs mean spring is right around the corner

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According to the weather map, the snow should be right on top of us – but its not snowing yet. In my little neck of the woods, we’ve had an unusually unsnowy winter, while everyone is getting pummeled.

If you’re one of hte ones getting hit, I’m sorry. Its just your turn this year 😉

But spring must be coming…

I’ve been getting gardening catlogs for weeks – and now – The Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits! I could use a new suit. How about you?

I know, swimsuits are not on the hit parade for many. Is that your worst nightmare these days? Having to put on a swimsuit?

And how about all that running around, having fun? Are you looking forward to it? Or would you rather hide inside?

Isn’t it time to get up and start living your life?

Most of my daughter’s friend’s parents are 10 – 15 years younger than me. She’s always saying that none of them have as much energy as I do. When’s the last time you went sledding?

She complains that nobody wants to do anything but sit around in front of the TV.

Is that living?

Heck, according to the Aztecs, we only have one year left. Why not make it a good one?

Stop eating the stuff that’s robbing you of your health and energy and leaving you not wanting to wear a swimsuit.

Start eating foods that will give you health and energy now so you can enjoy this summer.

Think about all the fun you used to have. What’s stopping you?

Here’s how to fix it >>>