Car makes me crazy

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You might remember that I took my car into the Lindenhurst Firestone before Thanksgiving to have it fixed. It makes a noise that through my research sounded like the rear hub assembly.

They said, no, the bearing is fine. The brakes rub a little and that’s what I hear.

The noise has made me increasingly crazier. So I took it in to have it fixed. They did the rear brakes. He said that there was rust build up and that accounts for the noise.

Guess what? That wasn’t it.

I know I should have listened to my inner self and taken it somewhere else, but I can get home from there. Now I’m stuck. I don’t have the money to have the car fixed again.

So I have a car that makes me crazy in the first place.  We are supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow, and it’s my late day. I get to try to drive home down dark country roads after dark in heavy blowing snow. I’m not happy.

I may end up staying overnight at the office. I’ve double filled the cat’s bowls just in case. What more can I do? It is what it is.

I hope that you have a safe vehicle, and if you’re in the snow path that you take it easy and stay safe.

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3 thoughts on “Car makes me crazy

  1. Dan

    I would take the care back to Lindenhurst Firestone and demand they fix it right the first time. They charged you for a repair that did not correct the problem…

  2. Carol Slinker

    I agree with Dan. Don’t let them push you around. I learned my lesson with Firestone years ago – stay away. Their focus is on the bottom line – not you. They are just hoping you won’t challenge them. Be prepared, however, to have them treat you like s%*# until you get your point across. That is another reason I dislike them. To me, bad faith and intimidation is no way to run a business. Good luck.

  3. Sure Fit Inc.

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