Can’t take the heat?

A salad platter.

A salad platter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get out of the kitchen!

For Friday night, I think I’m going to make a salad with lettuce, broccoli, onion, leftover shredded chicken, hard boiled egg, and shredded cheese.

The cool thing about summer food is that most of it really doesn’t require cooking. The grill makes it easy to make wonderful food without heating up the kitchen – and making few dishes.

Over at the Sane SuperWoman Blog, you can find some great cool easy dinners to enjoy this weekend. And If that’s not enough – you can head inside the site and find more recipes for the grill, and great salads.

Its even too hot to enjoy swimming. But the mall, museums, and movie theaters are cool. At night it bearable outside, so you can take in outdoor concerts that will be in abundance over the next few weeks.

Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh cool fruits and vegetables, and be safe. Last time we had a heat spell like this, a lot of people died. Chill!


nd have a great weekend 🙂

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