Can You Lose Too Much Weight?

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I know, you don’t think it’s possible to lose too much weight, do you?

It is.

You already know that I feel I’m to thin. My only choices seem to be start eating badly, or slow down – and neither are an option right now. But that’s just me, right?

There’s this little lady that’s been walking the mall for a couple of years now. When she first started, she was overweight and had many health problems. Her doctor had her change her diet, and start a walking program. I have to get this doctor’s name!

Anyway, she was in yesterday. I said, “Wow, I haven’t seen you for a while!”

She said, “I stopped walking. I’ve lost too much weight.”

Yep, it can happen to you too.

Eat right and get your exercise.

I have a hyper-dog that I’m willing to rent out.


aka – ‘Mother’

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