Bringing a house back to clean

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dirty house

Sometimes life rears its ugly head, and no matter how good our intentions may be, things slide.

It could be that its your busy period at work and you’re putting in a lot of extra hours. It could be something as simple as a cold or flu, or it may be something more serious like a surgery.

One of the first things to slide is housework…

How do you get things back in order, especially if you’re not feeling 100% yet?

If you’re my sister, you just have me come and do it. 😉 (She had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago.)

But even so, we’re talking, we eat dinner, I walk the dog… I’m not going to be able to spend 5 or 6 hours on focused cleaning.

So how do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

You get the kitchen cleaned. Then you maintain it daily.

You get the bathroom clean, even if you have to just do the counters one day, the shower another day, and the toilet another day. Then you maintain it so it doesn’t get that bad again. Use things like a squeegee or a shower spray to keep the tub in order. I’m not a fan of toilet tablets, but until you get back on your feet, it can help keep the toilet cleaner. (be sure to not mix in another cleaner)

As I’ve been going through her regular cleaning, I’ve cleaned a few pictures here and there, or the top of book shelves, or hand scrubbed the edges of the floors where the mop doesn’t get.

The next task on my list is to wipe down and oil the cabinets.

Just one extra task a week.

Clean Kitchen

Love a Clean House!

Within a few weeks, the house is looking pretty good without killing yourself.

Of course then, the real secret is to maintain what you’ve already cleaned.

  • Put things away instead of letting them pile up.
  • Put laundry away right out of the dryer.
  • When you drip something on the stove, wipe it up while its still soft.
  • Dishes washed and counters wiped down every night.

You get the idea…

House cleaning can be easy. It just requires some good habits and a good system.


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