Boys are not for the faint of heart!

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I was raised in a female household. I was a single mom with a daughter. I really had no idea what it was like to have boys in the house!

Its a challenge not for the faint of heart…

Oh, and you think it gets better when they grow up? Oh no, no, no…

From pee on toilet seats to unflushed toilets, to hockers in the bathtub, bugars in the sink and on the wall, I swear!

The youngest one, at 24 – manages to give me something that makes me want to throw up on average once a week when he cleans his room.

Last week, he threw a bunch of glasses in the sink to soak. Hey, that’s progress.

So, I decide I’ll wash them up quick. I do the first three without incident. They had been soaking a while. But while doing the next one, I was like – why does this feel so slimy? I looked at the sponge and realized what it was. I almost lost it right there. It was mucus. OMG! Really?

I wiped it out with a paper towel (its not water soluble) and threw it and the sponge away. I completely cleaned the sink, and then cleaned it again with vinegar. I took all the dishes I had already washed that had been soaking in it and rewashed them with hot soapy water and vinegar. I still don’t want to drink out of any glass he uses.

So this week, Sunday night, a bunch of glasses and a couple of water bottles show up in the sink. I already know to be on the lookout, right?

There was one bottle that was still closed, Thank God! I don’t know what died in there, but it was awful! I almost lost it again…

I put hot water an vinegar in it and let it soak all day. It still stinks. I put hot water and baking soda and let it soak a while. The smell is diminished, but not gone.

Now, I can tell him that I can’t get that smell out of the plastic, or I can wash it out and let it dry and let him use it.

Which would you do?

Then, the washing machine broke Thursday night. Oldest son is off on Fridays and does his wash then.

The boys both deliver appliances, so they are pushing their dad to get a nice new machine. Now remember, dad was just off work for almost 2 months.

We did go out looking. We went to ReStore to see if they had anything. We went a couple of places, but nothing seemed to be what Bob wanted.

When we get home, oldest son tells his dad, “you’d better f*in get one cuz I have to do laundry and I’m not going to the laundromat.”

Bob just slinks away. They push him around like that all the time.

I was livid.

I went into Bob’s room and said there is no way my kid would talk to me like that. I would have turned and said, “Excuse me?” And I guarantee that we would be using the laundromat for a while before I would get around to getting a new washer. You can ask my daughter. I will not tolerate that.

So, Saturday morning I remembered that Bob said he thought that it probably was an easy fix. That some spring probably came loose. So I go to YouTube to check it out. Sure enough, it sounds like that is the problem and there’s a video on how to do it.

Bob had it fixed in like half an hour.

I wasn’t going to let him be bullied by those boys.

I don’t understand why parents let this happen. They aren’t doing the kids any favors. OK, I’m not gong to start on that whole rant tonight. Maybe some other time…

I’ll be gone this weekend dog sitting for 4 days. I wonder what I’ll come back to?



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