Boatload of Computer Issues, which security programs worked?

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We’d like to think that if we’re running 2, or 3, or more security programs that nothing could take us down, right?


I managed to rack up 2 Trojans, and 2 Malwares. Video ads were popping up every 30 seconds, and the computer got slower and slower until I could no longer even get on the Internet to buy Malware removal.

I don’t know how I got the Trojans. I know I got the Malware when I was downloading an update to Crap Cleaner to take care of the Trojans. I was careless and didn’t uncheck all the boxes for the stupid add-ons. My fault. I know better. And Crap Cleaner didn’t work to get rid of the Trojans.

McAfee didn’t catch them.

Microsoft Security Essentials didn’t catch them.

Adaware caught them and quarantined them, but they popped right back up.

Spybot caught them but said I couldn’t remove them because I was not the administrator. Picture me screaming at the screen, “Yes I am!”

I ended up having to do a full recovery, after making sure anything important was backed up on an external hard-drive.

It’s like having a new computer. There is nothing on it! There is something good in everything, right?

It’s just distressing that with all those programs, you’re still not safe. Bummer…

You have to be extra careful!


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