Black Friday brings out the blackness of humanity


Black Friday is supposed to be an accounting term. It’s when the company becomes profitable for the year. That is scary in and of itself.


Black Friday means something else entirely to the people who actually have to work in the stores. It means the beginning of long crazy hours, and hoards of rude, overwhelmed and frustrated shoppers.


And this year, one was killed. Trampled to death by people so focused on beating each other to the 5 available TVs, or whatever – that they couldn’t even stop to help a person up.


In years past, the violence was limited to shoving people out of the way, or even grabbing the item right out of somebody’s hands. Many times you would see people actually sitting on their treasure just to keep someone from trying to get it away from them.


But as our world continues to get blacker, it’s really only a matter of time before people will be shooting each other over the coveted item. There was a shooting in a Toys-R-Us store, but it was apparently gang related and had nothing to do with the merchandise.


You wonder how things got like this.


It’s getting harder to care. It seems that no matter what you do, you’re screwed.


You work hard all your life, only to get laid off a few years before retirement with no hope that anyone will hire you at your age, or


You’ve worked hard, and you’ve been successful. You’ve socked away money in your retirement accounts, only to watch it evaporate – poof., or


You’ve always been a hard worker. You’ve been willing to do practically anything to make a living for your family, but now you can’t find a job to save your life.


Not enough experience, too much experience, too young, too old…


People find comfort in food, and escape in the TV.


No one really wants to be fat and sick, but they don’t really care enough to come out of the comfort place.


The thought of death? I don’t think it has such a hold anymore. What the heck – Life isn’t that grand.


As people care less and less about themselves, it’s not likely they’re going to take much thought about anyone else. Everyone is concerned about protecting what they have left, or just trying to survive and find a way to pay the next bill.


But if we’ve sunk so low and gotten so desperate that we are willing to overlook someone suffering just to get a deal – what’s next Christmas going to be like? 

4 thoughts on “Black Friday brings out the blackness of humanity

  1. Holly Jahangiri

    1) You’ve forgotten about grown women beating each other up over Beanie Babies?

    2) When things like etiquette and courtesy are no longer highly valued, and greed is no longer a vice, and shame doesn’t exist at all, you get a society that isn’t worth living IN.

    3) “Life isn’t that grand”? It was never grander, for most people. I’m sure the pioneer women who crossed this country and settled in Oregon welcomed death, when it finally came – but I don’t think many of them sought it out. They didn’t sit around feeling cheated out of a better life. They worked their fingers to the bone to make one, and they clung to hope and faith and the value of hard work. It’s our expectations and our sense of entitlement that have grown out of proportion. It’s the understanding that a certain lifestyle must be earned, or inherited from someone who earned it, that has fallen by the wayside.

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