Beware of using food oils for cleaning

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using food oil on furniture

Oh yeah, the free tips are all over Pinterest and Facebook…

But do they work? Does anyone actually try it before passing it on?

No, people pass things on because they sound cool.

I’ve had a few bad experiences with free tips…

One concoction of olive oil and vinegar removed the finish off the chair I tested it on.

What’s that smell?

Another oil and vinegar concoction seemed to work beautifully. Except it was a hot day. The oil quickly turned rancid. It smelled for months. The smell finally seemed to be gone over the winter with the windows closed. Last weekend was warm and humid at times. The humid air reactivated the smell.

Last week I saw and tried using olive oil on stainless. It seemed to work beautifully.

I asked my sister if she had tried it. She said, oh yeah, it looks beautiful at first. But in time the oil builds up and gets sticky. The dust and dirt stick to it, and its all a nightmare to get off. “We’re not going there again!”

Then I thought about my dresser. The finish on it had become sticky and I could not figure out what had happened. Of course! I had used one of these crazy concoctions. (insert swear word here…)

I should have thought it through. Its really all common sense if you think about it.

But, it you are curious (curiosity killed the cat…);

Always test things on a small unnoticeable spot.

Don’t pass things on unless you know it works and won’t ruin someone else’s stuff.

Maybe just stick to the products that are made for the job. Makes life easier, don’t you think?




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