Berry Good For You

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I asked my daughter what kind of fruit she might like this week. She said cantaloupe. UGH, no more cantaloupe for a while!


She said, OK, watermelon, kiwi, strawberries and bananas. I had to ask, right?


Since I’ve already written about watermelon, I looked up kiwi. It didn’t make my superfood list. That doesn’t mean that it’s not nutritious, it just wasn’t in the super category.


So, let’s go on to strawberries. They’re pretty amazing.


Strawberries increase memory and protect your brain from age related decline.

Helps body get rid of excess fluids.


And talk about anti-oxidant – They also protect normal cells from cancer, and help kill cancer cells. One study showed that strawberries or black raspberries dramatically reduced the growth of precancerous esophageal cells and tumors.


Eat one cup of fresh or frozen berries per week. You can handle that, can’t you? Yum! Go ahead, put whipped cream on them! Seriously. It’s OK. Go back to this post and see why.


Have a berry good weekend!


I know – groan…


This is the kind of information you can find inside High Energy Eating by the way…