Being Kind to Yourself

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Monday motivational … OK, it’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday!


This was such an important message that I asked Dan for permission to share it with you. He graciously agreed.


If you’re a student of Whole Life Overhaul, much of this will look familiar, but we can always use a little reminder, can’t we?


Besides, it’s always good to hear it from someone else. If you hear it from 2 people, may-be you’ll take it to heart?



Hi Carole,

Just wanted to drop a quick note as we finish up

We’ve had about 60 days straight with weather
over 100 degrees.

It’s easy to get caught up in complaining about the
heat, until I think about the bitter, chilling, bone-cold
weather I despised growing up in detroit, MI.

It’s all perspective isn’t it?

It’s sometimes easy to forget

And so it is with an act of kindness…

I meet so many people who get so caught up in success
in financial terms, they often forget about success
in their own life – with their families, kids, and

I have a few questions today –

When was the last time you treated you to an act of kindness
and spoiled yourself?

To a massage, a manicure, a pedicure,
a walk, a visit to the park.

I remember years ago when a friend of mine and
I would go spend an afternoon just sitting under
a tree reading, relaxing and taking in nature…

when was the last time you treated someone you love
and care about in your family to an act of kindness?

This summer has helped put some really, really important
things in perspective for me – mentally, physically,
socially, spiritually and financially…

I’ve been traveling a bit this summer and I can tell
you this past week being home was an amazing blessing…

I was able to watch my son start walking this week –


Because I was home, treating me and my family to
my acts of kindness…

I got to watch my daughter dance in front of a camera
with other kids on a weekday afternoon at Chuck E Cheeses…

Now, these things didn’t cost me a small fortune at all…

They took me focusing on ‘Acts of Kindness… for me
and those I love’

I forget where I heard it the first time, however
it’s one of my dreams, goals and missions to
share with you important strategies to get money out
of the way…

To get beyond the place of living in survival…

To show you all the things money can buy…



all of the incredible and important things money can’t!

Make it a goal this week to share an act of kindness
with someone…

Start with you

Then make it a goal to share it with someone
you care about…

And speaking of an act of kindness, I want to say
thank-you for being a valued member, subscriber
and student…

it’s an honor to spend time getting to know you
and I cherish the responsibility to open your
heart and mind to a new world of infinite possibilities-
personally, professionally and financially!

Thank you for being willing to play full-on

Enjoy every moment,




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