Beautiful Weekend Ahead

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Woo-Ya! Finally a beautiful weekend.

I’m so excited, aren’t you?

What will you do?

Throw open the windows, throw on some good music and finish your spring cleaning?

Do some yard work?

Work in your gardens?

It’s been so cold I didn’t even think aobut ordering my tomato plants. It’s the perfect timing in my area. I’ll be able to get thiem in the ground around Mother’s Day if I make sure to get htem ordered this weekend.

I’ll be heading over to Henry Fields and ordering Beef Steak tomatoes (67966), and Early Girls (14115), and some brocolli seeds (66170) – , and lettuce – the Simpson Elite (11980) because it holds up the best and tastes yummy. Then I’ll be able to head out the door and pick my salad fresh! So Good. I can’t wait!

 I might wash a couple windows, or clean up the beach – whatever hits me. What about you?

Make it a point to enjoy these first great days!

If you haven’t finished your spring cleaning – here are the articles to help you –

Spring Cleaning – Phase 1

Spring Cleaning – Phase 2

If you want to have some fun planning your gardens – here are links to popular garding/catalog sites – (if you order through these links, I make a few cents)


Henry Field’s

Michigan Bulb


I’m so excited. Can’t wait to get outside!

Have a great weekend!


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