Beat Blah! Inexpensive ideas to brighten your home

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Are you feeling a little blah and lethargic? Winter will do that too you. Too cold to want to go out. Gray and dismal days….

Its a good time to brighten up inside!

Here are some things you can do this weekend to brighten up your home that won’t break the bank…

Wash the walls. It doesn’t cost anything really. It will brighten things up, and you’ll get some exercise.

Paint a room. There are all kinds of paint sales going on. And its good exercise too.

Buy some bright throw pillows.

Get a new piece of art.

Get some soft new towels for the bathroom. Not only will it brighten things up, but you can enjoy wrapping yourself in cuddly softness.

Flowers always brighten things up. You can go with fresh, or silk.

I find that if it can be undone inexpensively, I’m willing to be a little more daring. One time I painted my bathroom turquoise. I painted the ceiling and trim hot pink. I got hot pink towels and a flamingo shower curtain. That woke you up in the morning!

Have a little fun with it. Try something new! It will brighten your home and your spirits.

Or you can take a more practical route and organize you files for taxes… 🙁

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