Bears-Packers Game

Chicago bears
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 Bears-Packers games are always a big deal around here. I live smack dab in the middle between Chicago and Milwaukee. Its just a 10 minute drive before you’re in Wisconsin. So you can imagine how heated it gets!

 And I have to work at Buffalo Wild Wings during the game, representing the Spa. Can I hear a sob or 2?

 It’s going to be a wild night…

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2 thoughts on “Bears-Packers Game

  1. Carole

    Go bears!

    I have to say, the way the game started out, I thought for sure the Bears were gonna lose. But at the end of the second quarter, they started waking up. It was pretty exciting the second half. Good game!

    And yes, you can hang out in a bar and drink ice water and still have fun.

  2. Gina

    Speaking of wild fall weekends full of adult beverages, lots of traffic and FOOTBALL –
    The Red River Rivalry is about to begin in Big D! University of Texas vs University of Oklahoma – woohoo! Let the revelry begin!!

    I love it…

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